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Counselling for
Young People

If you are aged between 13 to 18 and you feel like you may need to talk to someone about what you're thinking or feeling, or perhaps you may need to express it in some way and you have not quite found the words yet, then this service may be for you.


A lot of people often feel that they have to be in crisis before they can receive counselling, or that you have to apply directly through to the NHS or CAMHS for this service. Some people worry that counselling may involve a very clinical approach, where their counsellor will be quite unemotional and fill out a form that records everything you are saying, or that your parents, your school or someone else has to refer you. This is quite the opposite. You can refer yourself, or you can ask someone to refer you to me for you.


My private practice is held in a private and confidential calm space that allows you to create, rant, laugh, cry, or do whatever you need to do (within reason!) that will not involve me filling out forms, or staring at you blankly. It is a space that is there for you to explore what you are going through, or whatever you feel you need to bring at that time, without judgement. You can also access Online Sessions too if you live far away, or if you cannot make a session at the venue.


I always advise that in order for counselling to be effective, it is best to take place weekly, and by yourself so that you are able to talk about things freely and confidentially. Your parents/guardians (if you're under 18) will also have their own separate contract with me that enables your confidentiality to be respected. If you are under 18, they will also need to consent to me working with you by yourself.

Your Assessment Session

Your Assessment Session sounds more scary than what it actually is! It will involve going through why you feel you need counselling and whether or not this is the right place for you right now. This can be done online or face to face in the Counselling Room. It lasts for 60 minutes but there is no pressure to have to fill that entire time. It is a great way for you to get a feel of how I work, ask any questions and go over things such as cost, confidentiality and note taking. I will be filling out a form with you during this assessment which will be covering all of these areas. This form stays securely in your file. You can also see your file whenever you like.

The cost of an Initial Assessment is £20.

Going Forwards

What a session will look like

Your session times run for 60 minutes and cost £50 and are usually once a week unless we have agreed otherwise. Sessions are also open-ended, this means you can continue therapy for as long as we both feel you need this for and can be reviewed at any time. You may prefer to only come for a set amount of weeks, depending on your circumstances.

Your sessions will always take place in the Counselling room, unless it has been pre-planned to have sessions online or outside the building by the River Dart which may involve walking and talking, or sitting on a bench outside. Sessions can also take place at your college or school privately in a designated room. This would not take place without your permission, and would also involve planning and discussion beforehand.

You do not have to bring anything apart from an open mind.

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Online Sessions

Encrypted Online Counselling

During lockdown or if you're in isolation, or if you live quite far away from the office and cannot travel to the counselling room, Online Counselling is available to you.

I use software called Zoom, which is a highly secure platform similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger where we can either online messenger chat, or speak and see each other using video chat, and also be able to share files and type. Zoom is free to use and download onto your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can also use Zoom from your internet browser.

I can conduct either all your sessions or singular sessions online when it suits. Confidentiality still stands within Online Counselling, so please ensure you are familiar with the Confidentiality Policy. It's also good to keep in mind the following:

  • Remember to make sure you are in a quiet space that you feel comfortable to talk about things

  • If anyone is present with you, that you are aware they may hear or see what you are discussing

  • To let me know if anyone is present.

  • To use headphones where possible.

  • If you are using a shared tablet, computer or if someone else can log into your device, to think about if someone can read your Chat messages on Zoom. You may wish to delete them if so.

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Everything that is discussed or created within your session is kept entirely confidential, even your parents/guardians will have a separate contract to ensure what you share in your therapy session is respected. All paperwork is also held securely, with your allowance to have access to it at your request. However, there are a few reasons as to why I may have to share the information:

  • Safeguarding Purposes

If you disclose information that relates to immediate harm currently happening or about to happen to yourself or another person(s), I will be legally obligated to pass this information on. You can be involved throughout the process.

  • Supervision

It is an ethical requirement for me to receive monthly supervision about all of my clients. There is a confidentiality agreement between myself and my supervisor that you are kept anonymous.

  • A Requirement by Law

Sometimes information may need to be shared without your consent when required by law, such as the Terrorist Act where public safety is concerned, Human Trafficking, or an information request by the Police or Courts.

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